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Martin Evans

Martin Evans

I have always been fascinated by the human body in motion in all its artistic forms but it was sculpture that really inspired me. I began experimenting with materials and techniques from an early age and through the process of trial and error I taught myself the rudiments of sculpture.

On entering college I studied Industrial Ceramic Design and it was here that the two disciplines of sculpture and mould making combined. I realised that the commercial production of figurative sculpture did not have to be compromised by the industrial process.
It was straight from college that I started working for companies such as Wedgwood, Coalport and Royal Worcester as well as many mail order companies both here and in the United States. I was commissioned to design and sculpt many ceramic figures and won several awards, eventually gaining recognition as one of the top three industrial sculptors in the country.

After several years in the ceramic industry I reduced my workload and retrained as a teacher. This has enabled me to pass on the knowledge and skills gained through study and experience. It was through teaching and the inspiring work and effort of my students, that my passion for individually hand made figures reignited. I like to think of my sculptures as small scale snapshots of people unaware of being observed, either lost in an introspective moment or in some form of motion.

The sculptures are made of either stoneware or earthenware clay. They do not contain an armature and are hollow. Each sculpture is an original; no moulds are used in their production. As a result they are labour intensive, once the sculptures are finished they have to survive the tricky and delicate and lengthy process of drying out, then 1000 degree heat of the kiln and finally they are waxed or patinated.

I like to use either perspex or handmade ceramic bases which compliment the sculpture.