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Aneurin Jones

Aneurin Jones

Aneurin M. Jones RCA  1930 - 2017 was born a farmer's son in rural South Wales. He studied fine art at Swansea College of Art from 1950 to 1955, and after graduation spent two years with Celtic Studios, designing stained glass. From 1958 until 1986 he was Head of the Art Department at Ysgol Y Preseli, Crymych. He has exhibited widely across the UK and internationally. He sadly passed away on 25 September 2017. He showed with the Attic Gallery for many years. His last exhibition here, a joint show with his son Meirion, ran from 11 June to 2 July 2016 and demonstrated his work was still very much in demand. He never stood still as an artist and even his latest work saw new developments. He was an outstanding artist who will never be replaced. We will miss him greatly.

It was the rural society that fired his imagination and his sources are often places where country people gather - farm sales, agricultural shows, horse fairs etc.

“My ideas come from the rural west Wales. I was born into one of these communities where the divide between reality and mythology was ambiguous. This was the age of the horse, before mechanisation, and a time when they countryside was alive with colourful individuals whose imagination knew no bounds and whose physical shape was moulded by the land. I also felt the hand of an ancient inheritance.

Although I left Cwmwysg to learn the craft of painting at Swansea College of Art, the countryside remained my driving force, and when I accepted the post of head of art at Ysgol Y Preseli, I found myself back in an area not dissimilar to the one where I was born, the communal hill farms and all its heroism. I settled soon afterwards in Ceredigion, the land of the Welsh Cob. It is these elements - the rural society, the physical shape of country people, and the magic of the Welsh Cob - that fire my imagination.

Although I have used a variety of media, I find myself my work is increasingly drawn to mixed media as this allows for freedom and unexpected results. The recent work has evolved to be more suggestive in nature, and yet retaining form and shape which are the driving force behind all my work.

I begin with my first love, which is drawing, and from there I use the other media which are hand, charcoal, pastel, various gels, and often finishing by applying rich layers of impasto. For me, painting is a process of simplification, and as we simplify, we mystify, until one is left with the essence and the purity of the experience.”