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Zino Pece

Zino Pece

Zino Pece was born in Nottingham and has lived in Swansea since 1991. After completing an art foundation course, he opted for photography, more recently gaining both a BA (Hons) and MA in photography at Swansea Metropolitan University. His passion, however, has always been painting and around ten years ago started painting full time. He exhibits regularly in galleries in London and Nottingham and in 2017, he started showing his work in Attic Gallery.

Zino Pece has spent many years experimenting to find a way of painting that is cutting- edge, both in expression and in the use of materials and methods. Highly contemporary in appearance, but beneath this exterior, his paintings offer meaningful themes which remain pictorial in spirit. “Working with fluid acrylics is a growing mode of practice. A formal school of fluid painters is not yet acknowledged, but this will emerge as these techniques become more established.”

Kenworth Moffet Ph.D former curator at Boston Museum of Fine Art wrote “The British painter, Zino Pece has become one of the handful of painters I think of as at the cutting-edge of modern abstraction. Following in the footprints of Jackson Pollock and Morris Louis, he orchestrates improvised paint pouring on a large scale. Unlike his forebearers, he is able to exploit the unique properties of the new water based polymer paints to achieve the freedom and fluidity which he craves.”