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Prudence Walters

Prudence Walters

Born in Wales, Prudence Walters trained at Ravensbourne College of Art, London 1968 – 1971. An international career in fashion as a designer, an editor and later as a Make-up Artist led her to produce performance art in both New York and London galleries.

In the 1990’s she moved to Wales to paint. She has since had three solo shows in Gallery 286, London, the latest in 2008, and has participated in group shows across South Wales. In 2004 she had her first exhibition at the Attic Gallery and in 2005 she held a solo show at the new Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff, the first artist to exhibit there. In 2008 she exhibited at the Welsh Assembly Senedd, Cardiff Bay and held her second show at the Attic Gallery.

"My work is concerned with colour and space. Committed to abstraction, I also work from nature, biomorphic imagery, passionate expressiveness, direct observation, insistence and urgency.The veiled images are multi-layered allusions to private feelings and events. The images are evocative of such sources as landscape but at the same time exist as pure mark-making, while looping rhythms and luminous colour create image without any naturalistic associations.

Balance is sought between spontaneity and wilfulness, between intuition and inspired calculation.Open to discovery, I respond to unexpected stimuli, an aesthetic signature arises, numerous formal traits, washes of colour, line in dialogue with painting, symmetry and asymmetry. A desire for freshness exists, directness and openness, rejection of ‘orthodox’ density creating expansiveness, the big expression, emotionally charged orchestrations filled with joyous abandon.

My work also embraces my Welsh ancestral lineage by relating to the Celtic labyrinth. Through this work I explore my interpretation of ‘Marks of the Ancients’. By diving deep into the unconscious mind and feeling realms I am inspired to express my sense of heritage, ‘hiraeth’, love, awe and longing for the land and elements where I live and where I was born. These paintings on paper are the result of thus being connected to self through origin."