The Attic Gallery Calendar for 2019 has been produced with the help of our Gallery artists to fund the Attic Gallery Brenda Bloxam Award for 3rd Year BA students studying in Wales in 2018/19.

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In its first year, the Award will be called The Attic Gallery Brenda Bloxam Award for 2019, in recognition of the contribution that Brenda has made to the arts in Wales.

This we felt is one way of giving a little back to the talented artists of the future who have chosen to study in Wales.
The prize will be awarded in late Summer 2019 and the winner(s) will be chosen by a panel of well respected artists and collectors associated with the Attic Gallery.

To help provide some of the funding for the Award, the gallery artists have agreed to have chosen pieces of work reproduced and published in an Attic Gallery Calendar for 2019, which will be available in October at the Gallery or by ordering over the phone.

All profits made from the sale of the Calendar will go to funding the Award.


The Calendar is now available to buy look in the Our Artists section for full purchase and delivery details