The November Mixed group show is a wonderful mix of artistic styles provided by the Welsh Group.  This artistic collective aims to 'give a voice' to the visual arts in Wales and was founded in 1948.  The group has exhibited widely in Wales and on the international Art Scene.

This exhibition includes work submitted by Jaqueline Alkema, Jennifer Allan, Simone Bizzell Browning, Glenys Cour, Ivor Davies, Ken Dukes, Wendy Earle, Heather Eastes, Paul Edwards, Anthony Evans, Veronica Gibson, Sue Hiley Harris, Dilys Jackson, Maggie James, Jacqueline Jones, Kay Keogh, Angela Kingston, Robert MacDonald, Karin Mear, Shirley Ann Owen, Gustavius Payne, Roy Powell, Sue Roberts, Gerda Roper, Alan Salisbury, Thomasin Toohie and Jean Walcot.

The exhibition continues to December 4.