The Attic Gallery Brenda Bloxam Student Award 2019

The award has been developed to benefit art students studying in Wales, that have just completed their third year of an Art degree in 2019. In this the first year of the award the enterenants submissions wil be on display in the Gallery from the 7th of September to the 21st as part of the Galleries Summer group show.
Gallery visitors will be able to contribute to the selection of the winner of the £1000 price by registering their favorite work in the Gallery.
The award winner will then be chosen by a panel consisting of Professor David Carpanini, Alexander and David Roe,Maurice Sheppard and Helen Sinclair.
Helen Sinclair has also contributed to the award by producing a unique award sculpture which will be given to the winner.
The winner will be anounced in October with a presentation of the award in the Gallery.