A Solo Virtual Exhibition of works by Anthony Douglas Jones will be available on this website from the 24th of April. 


Port Talbot is hometown to the likes of actors Richard Burton, Sir Anthony Hopkins and Michael Sheen.
It’s also home to the famous steelworks which opened in 1951 and is the subject of Attic Gallery’s latest show. Over the last 50 years, Port Talbot’s steel industry has seen what feels like endless highs and lows, with periods of stability tarnished by strikes and redundancies.

The steelworks, which once employed 16,000 but now employs 4,000, has a rough ride recently with job cuts and rumours of closure, so it might be hard to imagine why an artist would choose to paint the smoke-plumed, steel filled industrial scene
But South Wales artist Anthony Douglas-Jones has done just that – taking on the huge challenge of creating wonderful pictures of the famous Port Talbot landscape, complete with the bright orange sunset and plumes of white smoke that have come to symbolise the area skirting the M4.

Raised in Penarth, Tony was exposed not only to the atmospheric moods of the Bristol channel but also to the East Moors steelworks where his father worked in the 50s and 60s.