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Lisa Wisdom

Lisa Wisdom

Lisa Wisdom is a Cornish artist who works from a studio based in a two hundred year old blacksmiths forge at a disused granite-quarry. Her studio therefore is surrounded by derelict buildings and rusting machinery. And it is these surroundings which have influenced her unusual art form.

Stepping out from her workshop door, she uses the landscape to gather the ‘archaeology of industry’. It is in this time of gathering and observation that she selects pieces that show the potential to become sky, wall, building or sea.

Lisa’s palette is the naturally occurring shades of rust and the blues of copper – the materials own reaction to climate. Charcoals are also used, though minimally for details or tonal variation.

The work produced speaks of the hardship of industry, the scarring of the land and the waste left behind. It also shows that there is hope and beauty in this dereliction, the way nature creeps back in to form the distinctive and beautiful landscape that is Cornwall today.