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Mary Griffiths

Mary Griffiths

Mary Griffiths RCA was born in Wales in 1956. She attended Dyfed College of Art followed by Croydon College of Art.

She has had work selected for the National Portrait Gallery and Royal Society of Portrait Painters. National prizes include a Gold Medal in Fine Art, at the National Eisteddfod of Wales in 1994. "As a figurative painter in the 21st century, listening to the revelation that man's unprepossessing ancestor in the Jurassic era spent it's time scuttling in the Pangaean scrub giving those ponderous dinosaurs the slip, I recognised the tactic immediately.

There is such an imbalance in the preferred work shown in publicly subsidized galleries. As a society, and don't believe anyone who asserts that there's no such thing; we need to see the full sense of ourselves reflected in the art we show. And while I'm not averse to peeking at the dishevelled detritus of an unexamined life, the solipsism of a lot of conceptual art and its epizoic acolytes doesn’t, for me, constitute the full panoply of human experience. Art is a way of shaping our lives, of giving it value and meaning. But what I don't see much of is our relationships with one another. We don't see love. We look to the Old Masters for that. And the other unfashionable quality I don't see enough of is joy. Yet it's the quality with which we seek to imbue all our activities. Our natures are hardwired for it. I'd be so pleased if these portraits were seen as a homage to our best instincts which is to value life in its infinite variety and intrinsic worth. For me, irrespective of whatever else one's bent on expressing, the act of painting with it's deep and boundless pleasures, conjoins us with the perpetual flow of humankind at it's generative best, exclaiming it’s” transcendent wonder" and ineffable joy in being alive. Or as my mother once put it succinctly” it’s your way of saying hallelujah".

1974-75 Dyfed College of Art 1975-78 Croydon College of Art - Taught by John Bellany R.A., Bruce McLean and Gus Cummins.

2000 Member of Royal Cambrian Academy (invited by Sir Kyffin Williams RA)


1987 ADC Theatre, Park St., Cambridge

1988 Clare College, Cambridge 1989 Thaxted Festival 1991 St. John’s Gallery, Bury St. Edmunds

1993/95/97/00/02/04/07 Chappel Galleries, Essex

1998/2001 Martin Tinney Gallery, Cardiff


1988/94 ‘Drawings For All’, Gainsborough’s House, Sudbury and Regional Tour

1989/94 Haylett’s Gallery, Colchester

1990 Royal Society of Portrait Painters, Mall Galleries, London Royal Society of British Artists, London Sunday Times/Singer Friedlander Watercolour Competition, London and Glasgow

1991 ‘Modern Contemporaries’, Chappel Galleries, Essex ‘Britain’s Painter’, Westminster Galleries, London

1989 Royal College of Art, London "The London Group"

1992 BP National Portrait Competition, National Portrait Gallery, London ‘The Human Form’, Conservatory Gallery, Cambridge

1993/94 Royal National Eisteddfod of Wales 1994/95 Hunting Art Prize, R.C.A. London 1994 Spring Collection, East West Gallery, London Hunting Art Prizes: R.C.A. London and Swansea ‘Making a Mark’, Mall Galleries, London

1996 ‘The Human Form’, Mall Galleries, London Guest: Royal Society of British Artists

1997 ‘On A Grand Scale’, John Martin Gallery, London Chelsea Art Fair, London

1996/97/98 Langham Fine Art, Bury St. Edmunds

1999 “Gold Medal Winners Exhibition, National Eisteddfod”

2001 Royal National Eisteddfod of Wales

2001/02/03 Royal Cambrian Academy Summer Show

2002/03 Martin Tinney Gallery, Cardiff

2006/07 Wales Portrait Award and Tour Regular exhibitor in Group Shows at Attic Gallery


1988 Lady Evershed Drawing Prize, Eastern Open

1991 Highly Commended, Britain’s Painters, London

1992 Highly Commended – Painting, Eastern Open

1993 Highly Commended – Drawing, Eastern Open

1994 Highly Commended – Hunting Competition First Prize, ‘Drawings For All’, Suffolk Gold Medal in Fine Art, National Eisteddfod of Wales

1995 First Prize, Hunting Art Prizes, R.C.A. London

1997 Lady Evershed Drawing Prize, Eastern Open

1999 Painting Prize, Eastern Open

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