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Exhibiting at the gallery

The gallery looks for a long-term relationship with each artist it represents, indeed some of the artists who showed at our first exhibition in 1962 still exhibit with us. The gallery role is to promote each artist by exhibiting their work both in the gallery and on this web site.

Accepting a new artist is therefore a long term commitment and is taken seriously by ourselves. It takes time and effort for us to establish an artist in our area by promoting that artist and introducing their work to our customers.

If you would like to be considered, we would ask firstly to be contacted by letter or email with an artist’s cv and photographs of several recent images of your work. We will always reply to letters or emails personally addressed to us.

If you do not receive a reply it may be because the images were to large for us to receive them or your email has been treated in error as spam. Always use the subject line on any email to us. eg "Application to Exhibit"

If you send us photographs or a CD and would like them returned, please include a pre-paid envelope.

We are looking for artists whose work is of a high standard and adds an extra dimension to the work we already exhibit, but does not repeat the work of the artists we already represent. We also have to take into account our relatively limited hanging space and the number of artists we already represent.