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Gwyn Roberts

Gwyn Roberts

Gwyn Roberts comes from the Conwy Valley in Snowdonia.

He studied Fine Art at Norwich School of Art, before returning to Wales to do a postgraduate course at Cardiff College of Art. He taught Art in the Cardiff area, for over thirty years.

Since becoming a full time artist, Gwyn Roberts' work has been in great demand, and, over the last few years, he has had sell out shows in Wales and England.

He has received high praise from both art critics and enthusiastic collectors. His work has featured in Country Life and a number of mountaineering and art magazines, and on television. His striking paintings, and use of thick paint, capture the dramatic nature of the Welsh landscape and reflect his love for Wales

During the past few years Gwyn Roberts has established himself within and beyond Wales as a powerful portrayer of Wales’ dramatic mountains and coastline.

Previously known for his meticulous artwork, he switched to painting with a palette knife after injuring his thumb, and the rest is history. What could have been a handicap turned into the greatest opportunity of his career.

Roberts’ style is instantly recognisable, not only because of his firm, blocky strokes with the palette knife but also because of his knack for intensifying the dramatic contrasts of blues and greys, browns and greens in the Welsh landscape.

These are not bland pictures to prettify a room; they have the power to stop you in your tracks with an earthy blast of craggy beauty. “The more dramatic the better,” says Roberts. “If it’s got a bit of drama and I can get a strong composition out of it then I’m happy. I’m not really into a flat countryside with fields;

I prefer to paint something that’s got dramatic cliffs or structures that suit my way of painting.”