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Peter Cronin

Peter Cronin

Peter Cronin was born in South Wales and worked in heavy industry for 20 years as an engineer before becoming a full-time artist in 2003.

He has exhibited with the Royal Society of Marine Artists and he is a member of both the Watercolour Society of Wales and the Pure Watercolour Society. He regards watercolour as the most demanding of medium, there being little margin for error.

However in its purest form he regards watercolour as a very expressive medium in a confident hand. “My choice of subject matter reflects my impressions of the world around me. My preferred method of painting is to work outdoors directly in front of the subject, it takes a lot of technical competence, but the emotions of the moment are fresh and alive. My stimuli will be light and atmosphere but shapes count for me too. I love the way shapes merge and edges are lost and found again. I think the act of en plein air painting is such an all-consuming emotional burst, it always leaves me exhausted yet exhilarated. I paint mainly in watercolour in a traditional transparent manner. It is a fantastic medium once you have got to grips with the technique. Of late, oil painting has come onto the agenda, and I can see the merits of this tremendous medium too.”