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Ross Emerson

Ross Emerson

Ross Emerson makes a range of sculptural clocks as well as other functional and non-functional pieces. All his work is hand made in a red clay and painted with underglaze colours. He works from slabs of clay and embellishes with modeled details. Many influences play a part in his work, such as architecture, surrealism, perspective and illusion. All influences seem to manifest themselves in the form of quirky and unique pieces, which sometimes to tell a story and generally bring a smile to the face.

Artists Statement:

“I like to think of my work as functional sculpture. I use a wide range of hand building techniques as well as the wheel. My work might best be described as Quirky and colourful. My influences are wide and variable, from painters like Dali, Magritte, Chagall and Escher, Antique and Architectural styles and embellishments and the works of Edward Lear.” “Within the work I try to convey an idea of ‘the dream world’ by using perspective and illusion and juxtaposition of unrelated themes to create the impression of something ‘not quite right’ and to keep the viewer guessing. Many themes can be found in my work, although there is no particular message in any one piece.” “Above all, I am keen to show the fun side of working in clay and this I try to convey in elaborate and colourful constructions that usually take the form of clocks. I make a range of other work, vases, tripod bowls, candlesticks and more recently figurative sculptures.” “I work in a red earthenware clay, mostly in the form of slabs although many parts are modeled extruded or wheel thrown. No moulds are used at any stage.” “Decorated with a white slip with painted coloured slips on top and finished in a clear glaze. Occasionally some pieces have a gold lustre firing for highlights.”