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Student award Artist 2

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    Statement for Artist 2

    Although currently working as a printmaker, I have never limited myself to specific style of working, exploring how different mediums work in interpreting my ideas. My preferential way of working has always been meticulous with emphasis on attention to detail, struggling with abstraction and its concept. With printmaking, I found a medium which suited my style, allowing to me invest my time on detail whilst developing and testing my skill. Using a monochrome palette offers so much between two extremes of the spectrum. Creating shadow and light in this way requires more focus on form and composition of the image as a whole. Unable to class myself as either a landscape, portrait, still life or any other kind of artist, the work I produce is influenced by memories of the emotions on holidays, celebrations and family events which come attached with a sense of place unique to me. It is a way of sharing my thoughts, ideas and emotions that I would otherwise struggle to express in an academic format. Ultimately it is them, the values and foundations of my life that drive me thus enabling me to succeed in the completion of my pieces. Aspiring to own my own lithography press, I hope to one day expand my skills, knowledge and experience, whilst experimenting in the comfort of my own studio.

    This series of lithographs features the beautiful riverscape at Moulin Fougère Rouge, my families stunning Mill situated on the River Serein in the Cote d’Or bordering the Morvan National Park, between Paris and Lyon in France. A former electricity power turbine, powered by the Serein, dating back to the time of Napoleon III, it has become the ‘Maison Secondaire’ for my family providing me with the inspiration for my artwork.

    After being introduced to lithography, I became enamoured by the way a drawing on to stone can be manipulated with chemicals, allowing the stone to become a foundation to print from. After previously avoiding landscape, the principle that the lithography stone is derived from nature but manipulated with an elixir of gum and acid was a theme that was mirrored by the rocks and stones featured in my prints, that have been manipulated by the river and elements, both evolving with time.

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